Visioning Our Future

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On November 8, the Get Cooking team got together to examine the new location that we’re going to be moving to in the spring of 2014, and to brainstorm new ideas for expanding our current operations and taking the business forward.  Led by Katharine Weinmann, we were able to explore each other’s backgrounds and discuss what sort of benefits each of us will bring to our new ventures.  While it may sound odd that we don’t actually KNOW each other’s strengths and potential, we get so busy in the kitchen we don’t really have a lot of time to chat and get to know each other all that well.

Our day started with a tour of the new space, where we were met by a man named Kris, who is helping to facilitate our move into said space.

Visioning Team

Jamie, Holly, Mycki, Kaelin, Katharine, Israel & Kathryn (from left to right)

I suppose I should take a moment and explain that, for the time being, we will not be revealing the whereabouts of the new location, since it’s more fun to keep you guys in agonizing suspense.

Yes, I’m kidding.  The real reason is, until the lease is finalized and the legal and logistical arrangements have been made, the new address shall be a secret.  What I will tell you is that it’s big.  Like, REALLY big.  For those of you who have attended one of Kathryn’s classes, the new space is about 4 times larger than what we are currently working with.

Katharine Weinmann

Katharine Weinmann

Anyhow….Kris gave us some background on the business that previously occupied the space, and shared with us some of his visions and of the stipulations that will be required of us in order to occupy this space.  The stipulations are not anything inconvenient, just a few details that are unique to this new location.  After bombarding Kris with a boatload of questions, the crew adjourned the meeting to Roast Coffee House to discuss our future.  Katharine Weinmann, of Panache Consulting, was the perfect person to help us begin the exciting process of mapping out the future of Get Cooking.

Much like with the new location, I’m not going to tell you what our roles are going to be…..yet.   I will say that we are a group of passionate, dedicated people who are committed to bringing you the high quality meals and culinary instruction that you have come to expect from Get Cooking Edmonton.

Keep checking back for updates as we move forward, and thank you for supporting Get Cooking Edmonton!