Fideuà – Paella with Pasta. A Date Night of Food, and Sangria. Virtually

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For this week’s Date Night cooking class we’ll be travelling to Spain with our Fideuà.  Originating in Valencia, this paella like dish is made with pasta that’s first baked in the oven. Our version combines smoked ham hocks with seafood, but you can leave out the ham for a seafood only version if you prefer. And while it’s cooking, we’ll whisk up an Aioli, the traditional accompaniment, as well as a Tapa of Manchego Cheese, with Membrillo, to whet your appetite for your main course. And of course Sasha will be on hand, to teach you how to make a Rosé Sangria, and to discuss her recommended wine pairings too.

Ingredients for Fideuà*: large smoked ham hock, squid sacks, shellfish stock (or can you chicken stock), saffron threads, green onions, fideos (or use Rustichella cappelletti), shell-on Argentinian Wild Shrimp, extra virgin olive oil, oyster mushrooms, salt and freshly ground pepper, garlic cloves, shallots, Spanish green olives, crushed red pepper flakes, smoked Spanish paprika, dry sherry (such as fino, or use white wine), Mussels, lemon juice, flat leaf parsley

Ingredients for Manchego with Membrillo*: aged manchego, Membrillo (quince paste), microgreens to serve

Ingrdients for Aioli*: egg yolks, cold pressed canola oil, garlic, salt and lemon juice

* We will be discussing potential substitutions for ingredients during your class

Class Fee:$25 plus GST, for two attendees cooking together. Your Fee Includes: A 120-minute virtual cooking class plus a recipe pack including info on equipment needed.  Your recipes will be delivered in advance, so you can shop for ingredients and cook along with us during your class if you wish.

Software Requirement: We are using Zoom for our virtual classes. If you aren’t already using Zoom you can download their free app for Windows, Mac, Android or Apple iOS here. Upon purchase, your meeting ID and password will be included in your Event Confirmation email – please be sure to save this information as you will need it to join your class.

Please Note: Current Virtual Class Fees are Introductory, and Discounted, as we all confront the financial repercussions of COVID-1

If you don’t receive your recipes, or if you are experiencing any technical issues on the day of the class, please email

  • July 24, 2020
    6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

    Mountain Standard Time (MST)



We use Zoom for our virtual classes. If you aren’t already using Zoom you can download their free app for Windows, Mac, Android or Apple iOS here.

Once downloaded Zoom will help you set up your free account then you’re ready to join us. Zoom will prompt you and ask for permission to use your devices camera and audio, please accept the requests. Once logged in click “Join” from the home page and enter your Meeting ID, which will be sent to you by email with your recipes.