Join Kathryn and Addie on this mouth-watering small group culinary tour through India's laid-back tropical south.

Southern India's culinary terrain is a feast for the senses. Its rich diversity in ingredients, cooking styles, and flavours ensures a deliciously rewarding taste experience. And its scenery, architecture, culture, and people will enthrall as you travel the distance from Tamil Nadu to Kerala.

We’ll begin our adventure in Tamil Nadu, a tapestry of colours, cultures, flavours, and landscapes. Experience a timelessness where vibrant worlds seamlessly melt into one another every few hundred kilometres. From Pondicherry to Chettinad, we’ll continue to explore with our taste buds, sampling the uniquely delicious dishes and flavours of the region.

Kerala is a tropical bliss with an idyllic coastline and lush tropical hills. Kerala life is steeped in agriculture, tea, coffee and spice plantations and the coir industry, providing the basic economic structure for the region. Experience firsthand why they call it ‘God’s Own Country’.

Throughout Southern India, you’ll savour dishes today reflective of millenniums of regional and global influences, with distinct and delicious local variations.

March 1st-17th, 2020


Addie is a former Physicist who left academia to pursue his love for food in his home country India. Over the last five years, he has travelled to various parts of India documenting and understanding the subtle subcultures of Indian food and has even organized tours taking Indian patrons to remote places, like the states of Sikkim and Nagaland, showcasing the food and farming culture in those places.

As the recipient of the 2018 Arts Spectrum Award South Asia in the field of Culinary Arts, he has become an important person in the modern Indian food scene. He has written food-travel articles for National Geographic Traveller, The Mint Lounge, The Goya Journal, The Hindu, The Times Of India, and more. Since 2012, he has taught several Indian Cooking classes at Get Cooking in Edmonton.



  • Travel with Kathryn Joel and Aditya Raghavan
  • Experience the colourful, bustling markets in Tamil Nadu & Kerala
  • Learn about biodynamic farming practices
  • Sample delicious regional cuisine and learn how to cook traditional foods
  • Hike through the beautiful tea plantations around Munnar
  • Meet local artisans and artists to chat with them about their trades
  • Cruise around the scenic backwaters of Kerala

"I just wanted to thank you for your class in December that I attended – “Cook Christmas the British Way”.

I came with my co-worker Reina and we both enjoyed it so much. I think it was the highlight of our Christmas.

Thank you for being so friendly and welcoming.

I appreciated how you explained each ingredient and its origins throughout your cooking. Knowing the reasons for each action really helped me to understand why things were being done – and helped me to retain it later! Your demonstrations and menu choices were ones that I felt I could actually try at home, which was fantastic. Thank you also for allowing the option of participation – it was nice to be able to pick and choose what we felt comfortable doing, instead of being thrown into something we were completely unfamiliar with!

I can’t even imagine how exhausting it must be to cook, direct and keep up a rapport for 7 hours straight but you did it so naturally and with amazing skill.

Thank you again for the wonderful day. I look forward to more classes in your new location!"

Gillian Bennett