Spanish Classes at Get Cooking

Kathryn Joel Class Information

This Friday evening we’re holding our first Cook Spanish class at our new MacEwan location.  We’re very lucky to have Israel leading this class, since he spent a year and a half working and cooking in Spain.


Catalan Bread & Manchego with Membrillo

Catalan Bread & Manchego with Membrillo

When you arrive for your class you’ll start off making a Catalan Tomato Bread to stave off your appetite while you cook.  Then Israel will show you how to make a perfect Spanish Tortilla – a Spanish omelette made with slow cooked onions and potatoes.  You’ll find a Spanish Tortilla on every Tapas Bar in Spain, served at room temperature and cut into slices or squares.  And if you have leftovers, you can eat it the next day in a Bocadillo, a delicious omelette sandwich.

Making a Spanish Tortilla

Making a Spanish TortillaBocadillo, a delicious omelette sandwich.


Next up are Croquetas with Bacalao and Sea Bream cooked in a Salt Crust, served with a Garlic Aioli, both classic Spanish dishes. Cooking fish in a salt crust seals in the moisture in the fish, allowing it to steam gently in it’s own juices whilst seasoning it perfectly at the same time.

Then we’ll be making Paella (of course!) with Chicken and Chorizo Sausage.  Because what would a Spanish class be without Paella?

And to finish the night we’ll be grilling peaches.  Yum!

Please note that our menus are subject to change based on the availability of ingredients, but if we do make changes we promise they’ll be delicious ones.