Mexican Brunch Classes

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Israel making Chilaquiles

Israel making Chilaquiles

On September 7th we’re holding our first Sunday brunch class in our new studio at MacEwan University downtown.  In fact it’s going to be our very first class ever at MacEwan, truth be told!  And what better way to launch our new home than with a Mexican class by our own in-house expert and chef extraordinaire Israel Alvarez, himself a native of Mexico City.

Israel will be showing you some of his own favourite brunch-time classics, including Huevos Rancheros and Chilaquiles.  And what would Mexican brunch be without a steaming hot cup of chocolate?  So Israel will also show you how to whip up a pot of Chocolat Atole, a delicious combination of Chocolate and Corn Flower.

The gastronomy of Mexico brings together the culinary traditions of both Europe and of its indigenous peoples.  And it is characterized by the wide variety in its dishes and recipes, as well as by its complexity.  Brunch, or Almuerzo, is highly regarded and seen Chilaquiles, Ready to Serveas an opportunity to reunite family and friends, around the table.  Indeed the act of cooking is one of the most important social functions in Mexico, and in 2010 UNESCO added Mexican cuisine to its list of intangible cultural heritages (a special thanks to Israel for arming me with all of these facts!).

There are only 12 spaces available in this special brunch class, and 8 have already sold.  So book the last 4 while you can!  But we’re planning to offer brunch classes most Sundays, so if you do miss out you won’t be waiting long until the next opportunity to Cook Brunch, Mexican style.