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Cauliflowers at Riverbend Gardens

This fall we’re offering a series of Market Tour Classes at the City Market Downtown.  Our classes meet at the Information Desk at the Market on 104 Street, then we begin to shop!

I’ll be leading the tours at all of our Market classes, and will introduce you to lots of our awesome local producers, vendors and artisans as we wend our way through the market’s stalls.

Michael from MoNa Foods

Michael from MoNa Foods

Last week our theme was Italian. Wendy joined us and together we purchased the supplies for a Grilled Cauliflower Antipasto, a Wild Mushroom & Summer Truffle Risotto and a Panzanella.  We spent a couple of hours meandering through the market, including stops at Evoolution and Jacek Chocolate Couture. Then we made our way back to the Get Cooking Studio, where we warmed up over a freshly brewed cup of coffee before we started to cook.  And we ended the day with a meal and a glass of wine.

Making Risotto

Making Risotto

Next week the theme is French, and I’ll be touring the market and cooking together with Steve.  We’re thinking Moules, Duck Eggs Poached in Red Wine and Braised Lentils, but we’ll make up our minds for sure when we’re shopping on the day! There are spaces left, and we do hope that you’ll join us – you can book your class here.

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