Knife Skills Classes

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On September 14th we’re holding our first ever Knife Skills Class, and we’re pretty excited about it.  We’ve been planning on offering Knife Skills for quite some time – so many of our clients have been asking!  But we wanted to wait until we were installed at MacEwan before we launched this new addition to our roster.

So now that it’s online and ready to book, what’s it all about you might well ask!  Well our intention is to help you to be faster and more efficient in the kitchen – to help you speed up your kitchen prep.

We’ll be working with paring knives and chefs’  knives during this Introductory Knife Skills class.  If you choose to use our knives you’ll be using 8-inch Henckels chefs’ knives, but you’re very welcome to bring your own knife along if you’d prefer.  And we’ll be looking at the following skills:

  • Chiffonade of ParsleyChopping onions;
  • Pureeing garlic;
  • Tomato concasse;
  • Chiffonade of leafy herbs;
  • How to dice and julienne;
  • Peeling round fruits; and
  • Segmenting citrus fruits.

The class will run for two hours, and each four students (our maximum is 12) will have their own chef on-hand to ensure they get the individual attention required.

And as if all of that is not enough, while you’re busy chopping and slicing, we’ll also be whipping up a hearty slice of Bruschetta to enjoy with a glass of wine before we send you home, armed with the knowledge and skills required to wield your knives with greater confidence and flair.

Tempted?  Then why not click here and book?!  We’d love to have you join us.