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Last April we held our first ever Cook Japanese class, by special request from one of my very dear clients.  It’s a class I’ve considered offering for a long time, but I like to take time to play with the recipes when I’m working on a new class menu, and somehow I hadn’t found the time to play enough with Japanese food.  I worked for a Japanese bank for several years in my  twenties, where I was exposed to a lot of Japanese culture …. and a lot of amazing Japanese food.  Plus I’ve eaten my way through an obsessive amount of delicious Japanese dishes in my time:  yes, Japanese food is, in my humble opinion, about as good as it gets. But getting ready to teach a Japanese class had been on the back burner for a while. Jamie Tokuda - Edmonton Cooking Class So when I met Jamie Tokuda it felt like the stars had aligned!

Jamie attended one of our Cook More Thai classes earlier this year, and despite being a paying client jumped on board and cooked through the night as if he was a member of our Get Cooking team.  I was so impressed with his enthusiasm that I grilled him on his culinary background, and discovered that he is a (pretty unique!) blend of Scottish and Japanese.  And a very keen cook.  So we got talking about Japanese food, and onto the subject of Jamie’s Grandma and her homestyle Japanese recipes.  Many of which landed in my inbox the very next day! During that first conversation, in the middle of my Cook More Thai class, I suggested that Jamie might consider hanging out and joining in if I launched Cook Japanese as a new class on my schedule in the Spring.  So in April this year we did just that.  And the class proved so popular that we added another in May, then one more in June.

In our classes so far, we’ve cooked up a whole pile of Sushi, using my own favourite recipe for sushi rice.  It involves a lot of rinsing, steaming and even an electric fan.  But the result is worth every minute spent, as I hope my clients agree!  Because I feel pretty strongly that getting the rice right is one of the most important steps in making decent sushi at home.  So armed with a tray of some pretty tasty rice (if I dare say so myself) we then get rolling with a selection of fish and other goodies, and our guests have turned out some pretty impressive Sushi Maki, Sushi Temaki and Inside Out Rolls, as the pictures attest.  Not bad for first timers!


But making Sushi could take up a whole 4-hour class …. all by itself!  And we prefer to present a broader introduction to the art of Japanese cuisine.  So we also cook up Jamie’s own Chicken Karaage, with  a Ponzu Dipping Sauce.  And Agedashi Tofu, one of my own Japanese faves: deliciously deep fried tofu, nestled in a pool of savoury Tempura Sauce.  We usually make Tempura too … Shitake Mushrooms have stolen the prize for best tempura to date … as well as Miso Soup, Seaweed Salad and more …. And we like to end the night with a Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream, for those who have space left for dessert! Yet we never have the time to make as much sushi as we would like.  So this coming Sunday we’ve decided to offer our first ever Cook Japanese, All Day.

If you’d like to join us for this special 6-hour long class you can expect to be making a lot of sushi.  And to round your day out with a veritable feast of other dishes besides.  Jamie will be on hand to lend that touch of authenticity, and to share his family’s cuisine with you.  And we promise to send you home armed with a collection of recipes that will have you  entertaining your friends and family with your own Japanese extravaganza, with ease.  Because, as always at Get Cooking, we’ll be focusing on introducing you to some new ingredients and where to source them, and how to use them in some easy but authentic and truly delicious ways. There are spaces to be had in next Sunday’s class.  And we’d love to see you there.  So if you’d like to know more, why not give us a shout?  And do go check out Jamie’s own blog, Cook with Sumo.  If you do, you’re in for a treat!